Company introduction
About Us
Established in 2003, LBOL has been manufacturing electrical and lighting products for 25 years.  In 2004, LBOL expanded its product line to cover LED retrofit products.  LBOL now has a workshop of 50,000 ft² and over 150 employees.  With all these experience and capacity, LBOL now became a professional lighting company specializing in designing, manufacturing and supplying a variety of LED lighting products that serves commercial market with focus on LED tubes.  LBOL offers LED with the latest and quality LED chips coupled with efficient manufacturing process.
LBOL LED products are developed and produced strictly in accordance with the LED lighting appliance standards stated in the US Energy Star LM-79-08 approved method, "Electrical and Photometric Measurements Solid-State Lighting Products".
LBOL uses only globally recognized LED brands in its product range, underpinning a commitment to high quality, impressive performance and long expected product life. With full confidence on its product quality,  LBOL offers up to a five-year extended warranty to our customers.
The main series of products include LED fluorescent tubes and LED panel lights with a number of patents and intellectual property.  Most of its products are UL, FCC, PSE, CE, EMC and RoHS compliance.
For years, LBOL has been offering foundry services as OEM or ODM for LED fluorescent tubes of various brands in China as well as in Europe, US, South America and Southeast Asia.
With 25 years operation of LOBL lighting celebrated in 2013, the company has the foundations in place to continue being an innovator and solution provider in the LED lighting industry.