GM Engineer 
1、Youngerd than 35 years old,major in lighting and electronic information

2、Familar with the lighting line, have a sense of the latest news and can master the hi-tech of our line

3、5 years history of R&D

4、Beood at English

5、Tam player, good at communicating, coordinating, quick decision and judgment

6、5-10 % stock after one year


LED Engineer

1. Major in electronic,computer hardware or automatics, more than two years history of LED line

2. More than 2 years experience of R&D with Protel, CAD, dsp or ARM

3. Have acknowlage of LED features and switch power, lED drive ect.

4. Be familar with electronic instruments, design and testing of electronic circuit 


Engineer of Power design

1. B.A degree, major in electronic and automics

2. More than 3 years experience of LED line, have knowlage of EMC, be good at design of PCB

3. Can master Pro-E, Auto CAD


Designer of Light and flash

1. B.A degree, majored in electronic and

2. At leat 1 year experience of designing of outdoor light project

3. Can master Flah, Photoshop, Auto CAD, 3 D max etc

4. In sprit of invonnation and effeciency


Sales manager of International Market

1. Majored in English or International Econonic or majors revalent to trading.

2. Be good at both writing and oral English

3. More than 5 years experience of foreign trading, and at least 2 years experience of LED line

3. Have experience of Alibaba and the other B2B, can master Photoshop



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