Services--Fifty Years Service

Lbol people always insist on people oriented and recommending customers is an important resource for business creating fortune. For further building a perfect business image, the company created a complete set of individual service system for pre-sale, sale and post-sale on the basis of customer first, active passion, strong responsibility and patient and carefulness, and led in CIS project, conducted CRM (customer relationship management), built customer computer archives and regularly completed customer track service with 90 days. With the sincere careful behavior, Lbol people provide five star services for all customers to strive for absolute satisfaction.

Nowadays, the company specially opens post-sale service unit. Special professional personnel will be responsible for customer complaint, post-sale service investigation and information feedback. For ensuring carrying out customer satisfaction project to enable them ease at booking and using, the company specially make the following rule for post-sale service work: Implement Life service for all the new and old customers. All the products of Lbol are manufactured in line with international GB7000.7-1996 Safety Requirement of Spot Light Fitting and leave the factory after proven to be qualified by the strict quality inspection department. Attaches with product certificate, instruction, guarantee card, service guide and Lbol¡¯s gifts and samples (for detail see packing list). For better understand the rights and interests from the article, please read the following items carefully:
1, Notice
1) Please read the instruction carefully, and operate and use in line with every requirement of the instruction to prevent damaging product due to improper use. The company does not assume the responsibility of quality assurance when products are damaged due to improper use or keep.
2) Please check the packing list when buying our products. If there is any improper, please contact with our post-sale service in time.
2) Quality Assurance Time
1) Refund: If a quality failure comes out under the right use of product, please refund it within 7days since buying.
2) Replace: If a quality failure comes out under the right use of product, please replace it within 30 days since buying.
3) Repair: The quality assurance time of light fixture is one year, light source half year or 1200H, and products more than 7K subjects to the contract.
3, Implement Methods
1) Our post-sale staff will inquire the issues put forward by customers and category and verify according to the specific situation. If the issues indeed are in the post-sale service range and time, we will conduct post-sale service in the light of Three Services content regulated by the nation till the customers are satisfied.
2), If the product failure is proven to be the quality issue by our quality inspection technicists, we will take back the sale product, handling by principle of improving and remanufacturing and completing and delivering to customer unit within 15 days.
3) During the quality assurance time, the required quality assurance products should be verified by our Quality Inspection Department that the damage and failure is caused by manufacture or original components quality belonging to the range of repairing, and will be repaired free of charge in the light of Three Services content regulated by the nation.

The followings are not in the range of repairing free of charge:
* Over the quality assurance time;
*Damage due to improper ship, load, use and keep for customers;
* Tear down the product by yourself;
* Alter the invoice or no invoice, service guide and guarantee card;
* The failure due to cover or inside body damage caused by abnormal voltage or natural disasters and accidents;
*Use it without instruction or note mark of light fitting;
4) The customers with over quality assurance time products will be provided life payment service (the customers with the products that are not in the quality assurance time should pay proper cost fee).
5) Customers should pay the freight on the refund or replace products. The refund products should be clean with complete package and accessories and without installtion.
4, Service Commitment
1) Our factory will provide special guide and technology support for the customers in the maintaining and conserving to avoid unnecessary loss.
2) During the quality assurance time, the company will send technicist aperiodically to select some customers for a return visit of quality, and well conduct the post-sale service work for the corresponding issues. For every question on the product detail proposed by customers, we will conscientiously reply and enable every customer satisfied.
3) Another reasonable pose-sale service way will be established after negotiating with customers according to the industry features of customers.
5, Work Institution of Post-sale Service
1) Reply the customers¡¯ inquiry by telephone or letter with great passion, solve practical issues properly and build customer service archives.
2) Meet the visit customers with great passion and carefulness, handle related issues in time, and enable customers satisfied.
3) Fill the record sheet in detail for all the refund products due to the quality issues, and collect and file in time by month.
4) The company will hold various type of products post-sale service training regularly or aperiodically.
5) Open the consulting hot line of post-sale service: 86-21-50893141 Provide online or offline technical support service free of charge.
7) Open the complaint special mailbox of post-sale service:

Notice: Above items will be updated at time without prior notice. The post-sale service of Shanghai Lbol Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd reserves the right of final explanation.